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Daniel and Ellis Taylor

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Zettai ni mamoru



Name: Daniel Taylor


Gender: Male


Race: Human


Age: 15


Appearance: Daniel is of a medium build, tending towards the short side at 5' 7", with black unruly hair that similarly is slightly on the short side in terms of length. He has dark brown eyes, tan skin, and a set of faint scars tracing from his nose along his left cheek, then veering sharply down to his neck, just below the ear. He has burn marks along his right forearm, and has what seems to be the remnant of bite marks on his wrists. Without the various other subtle damages, he'd have been a decent-looking kid. As it is, he's just plain rugged, unless you take the time to look hard. He almost never smiles sincerely, but when he does you can tell, because you'll note the elongated canine teeth.


Outfit: Varies, but the basics are the basics. Footwear tends towards comfortable sneakers, or else hiking boots depending on the situation. Generally wears dark jeans unless they get wrecked, then he switches to three-quarter pants, and he does own at least one pair of formal pants for some reason. Shirt is generally a polo, he prefers red, but also has a decent black one, and a white dress shirt. Over the top goes his coat, which is usually a fairly well-worn leather duster, shin-length, no mantle, black. Sometimes wears wraparound shades, though he habitually removes them when inside, and his hat comes off too. It's a nice hat; think Van Helsing. Shooting gloves when travelling or working. On entrance to the Inn, he's in the boots, jeans, black polo, and coat.


Equipment: Katana, black lacquered wood sheathe, sixty centimeters exact, only slight curvature of the blade. Simple cross-guard, and roughed wood grip. Sits at his left-hand side, attached to the belt. Opposite sits a Colt 1911A1 (7 round magazine, MEUSOC style) pistol, though it occasionally makes its way into a left-side shoulder rig which is only worn when necessary.




Name: Ellis Taylor


Gender: Female


Race: Human


Age: 15


Appearance: Slim build, a head shorter than her twin (fraternal), she shares his brown eyes but sports light brown hair with distinct bangs, otherwise sitting just shorter than shoulder length for the most part. Her skin is also a shade lighter than her brother's, and in lacking the very hard-bitten appearance he has, she's really rather pretty. Shares the slightly elongated canines of her brother, and you will probably notice them a lot sooner on her, as she smiles a bit more often.


Outfit: Again, varies, and in a somewhat broader fashion than her brother's wardrobe. Favours loose singlet tops or frilly t-shirts, predominantly in yellow, white or blue, accompanied by either a short skirt, often in one of the other colours than the top, or simple denim jeans. Will occasionally substitute a proper dress, white, or her school uniform which is black skirt, white shirt, black jacket. In her regular attire she often adopts a fake-worn blue denim vest, sleeveless. Footwear is almost always sneakers, unless in her uniform which requires low-cut boots. Also wears thigh-length white stockings with everything. Upon entering the Inn she'll be in one of the white t-shirts, the vest, jeans, and sneakers.


Equipment: What equipment? You mean the backpack? OK, sure, let's count that.






Let's start with the notes, I guess - adopted these two from a 'Like Reality Unless Noted' thing I worked on as a side-project during NaNo. For all intents and purposes they come from 'our' world plus standard supernatural entities, ala the Dresden novels, World of Darkness or the Supernatural 'verse, etc. Both characters are, dare I say, fairly animesque in origin (I've been watching far, far too much anime, I confess :S) so my apologies for the extremely cliched appearance and characteristics, especially of dear Ellis. XD Hokay, forth unto the other things!


Dan and Ellis left home about two years ago. Their parents had slowly drifted apart over the years prior, and left with their mother who became increasingly dedicated to her job, the siblings drew the line when their mother accepted a post overseas. They set out on their own, intending to live with their father across town instead of leaving their friends and school for another country. When they arrived however, they found their father being attacked by a ghoul - a creature naturally thought to be of legend, but apparently very real. Daniel managed to drive it off with a kitchen knife, earning his first scars from the creature's claws in the process, but found to his dismay that his father had died before they could save him. He and Ellis then found themselves faced with a further problem, one which they had never imagined when they set out that morning; explaining their father's death, with nothing more than a bloodied knife and a considerable amount of shock to their name.

They were saved from solving this unfortunate problem by the arrival of a man named Malcolm. This man, it so turned out, had been hunting the ghoul in question, and had finished it off not a block away from their father's apartment, then tracked the blood back to see if anyone needed help. Malcolm was, at age thirty, an experienced 'Witch Hunter' - essentially a supernatural bounty hunter-slash-vigilante. Even so, walking in on two terrified, distraught, and very much alone teenagers was not a regular sight for the man. Malcolm managed to get the pair away from the scene and took it upon himself, with a little help from old friends, to look after the kids.

Following this traumatic introduction to the world of the supernatural, the siblings, mostly by virtue of sticking close to Malcolm, proceed to have several more encounters with various monsters, leading to the pair deciding to do something about the invisible horrors of the world. Within six months they are helping Malcolm on Hunts. Within a year they are planning to set out on their own, under sanction from the Hunter's Association. To this day, they still visit Malcolm, who has become like adoptive family in the short space of time they've known him, but for the most part Ellis and Daniel travel, hunting down monsters of various stripes wherever they go. All they really have to motivate them is each other; they have little else to choose from, after all. Daniel does most of the actual Hunting, while Ellis organizes their travels, finds the jobs, and keeps him...human. He promised his sister, after all: "I will always protect you." And she in turn promised him: "I'll always be there for you." These pretty much define their lives.





Forthcoming. 'Tis 1am and I actually have to be up tomorrow morning. Not that you should really read these anyway. :P




In progress, may contain spoilers...



A-Cup Angst (Ellis)

Badass Normal (Daniel, of course)

Badass Longcoat (Again, Daniel)

Big Brother Instinct (Do. Not. Touch. Ellis. You will die. Even if you're Class A undead.)

Cloudcuckoolander (Ellis can be like this sometimes)

Friendly Neighbourhood Vampires (Do exist to a certain exist. Still feed off people though, so...)

The Hunter (Obviously)

Ill Girl (Ellis, a bit)

Katanas are Just Better

The Mafia (Their dad was one)

The Masquerade (Exists in source world, fairly successful)

Nice Hat

Parental Abandonment (Twice, in a sense)





And that will do for one evening's worth. Dammit, almost 2am now. -_-

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Muchas gracias, Ama.



And no, not *losing* sleep per se. I rarely get to bed before one or two am at the moment - the sleep I'm using was in terms of when I was waking up more than anything. XD

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